Carnaroli Risotto Rice Pre-Ckd (date 31/12

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Precooked rice

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    Cooking Instructions

    Pan5 minsPour the frozen rice and the sauce into the pan (1 serving: 200 g rice, 160 gof sauce), add 30 ml of water and let it come to medium boil for the indicated cooking time mixing from time to time. When cooked, stir in with butter/oil and sprinklewith grated cheese.The amount of water can vary depending on the density of the sauce.

    Storage Instructions

    STORAGE INSTRUCTIONSIn the refrigerator:1 dayIn the ice compartment:3 daysIce compartment * (-6°C):1 weekIce compartment ** (-12°C):1 monthIce compartment *** **** (-18°C):See date printed on the packageOnce defrosted the product must not be refrozen and must beconsumed within 24 hours provided that it is kept in the refrigerator