Halal Minced Mutton (95% VL)

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Selected lean cuts of mutton, minced and individually quick frozen to cook straight from the freezer. 95% VL.

Allergens, Accreditations & Suitability

    Cooking Instructions

    Cook thoroughly before consumption

    Storage Instructions

    Store below -18c

    Nutritional Information

    Per 100g
    kjNot Specified
    KcalNot Specified
    FatNot Specified
       - of which saturatedNot Specified
       - of which Mono-unsaturatesNot Specified
       - of which PolyunsaturatesNot Specified
    Trans FatsNot Specified
    CarbohydrateNot Specified
       - of which sugarsNot Specified
       - of which PolyolsNot Specified
       - of which StarchNot Specified
    FibreNot Specified
    ProteinNot Specified
    SaltNot Specified
    SodiumNot Specified
    Vitamin ANot Specified
    Vitamin CNot Specified
    Folate/Folic AcidNot Specified
    CalciumNot Specified
    IronNot Specified
    ZincNot Specified
    Cholesterol (UK/FR)Not Specified
    Non Milk Extrinsic SugarsNot Specified
    Alcoholic Strength % VolNot Specified
    Fat Percentage in Dry MatterNot Specified

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