Winter Spiced Parsnip Soup

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A pulpy blend of parsnip flavoured with aromatic curry spices.

Allergens, Accreditations & Suitability

    Cooking Instructions

    Bottle contents may separate on defrost however will return to their typical state once heated. Shake thoroughly prior to heating. Decant entire contents of polybottle into heating vessel. Heat gently, stirring occasionally. Ensure a minimum core temperature of 72C is reached prior to serving and during service keep the temperature above 63C.

    Storage Instructions

    This product must be stored below -18C until required. Defrost packs for a minimum 24 hours in a refrigerator until softened. ONCE DEFROSTED PACKS HAVE A MAXIMUM CHILLED LIFE OF 16 DAYS UNOPENED AND 3 DAYS OPENED.Under NO circumstances should packs be refrozen.